GP22 a chance to start vital paradigm shift

Matt Woodley

7/07/2022 4:45:14 PM

The RACGP’s annual conference will this year host three plenary sessions exploring how prevention can become a larger part of the healthcare system.

Person at conference.
This year’s conference is in person for the first since 2019.

GP22 will celebrate ‘the power of generalism’ and promote investment in general practice as the way to build tomorrow’s health system, according to Dr Anita Muñoz.
The Chair of the GP22 Advisory Group told newsGP Australia’s healthcare system is ‘facing a reckoning’ due to an unhealthy focus on end-stage disease and that all three plenary sessions this year will be dedicated to swinging the pendulum back towards broad general skills and away from super-specialisation.
‘It can no longer be disputed that our current model of funding, and emphasis on end-stage disease and tertiary hospital care, has manifested in a wholly unsustainable approach that concerns itself disproportionately with patients for whom early intervention and prevention has been missed,’ she said.
‘Extensive evidence exists indicating that investment in primary care improves patient outcomes, reduces inefficiency in health, and creates a sustainable healthcare system. At the very foundations of this evidence is the power of general practice and community-based care.
‘It is time to urgently reorient the paradigm of healthcare towards prevention, to keeping patients in their communities and to spending our limited resources rationally.’
This year’s in-person conference – the first since 2019 – is set to take place from 25–27 November at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, and Dr Muñoz encouraged GPs to take advantage of early bird specials that are due to end at 11.59 pm on Tuesday 12 July.
‘There is so much on offer at this year’s conference,’ she said.
‘From brand new college-led training sessions to clinical updates and general practice research updates, there are so many reasons to attend.
‘It will also be amazing to see everyone face to face, having been restricted to digital-only conferences for the much of the pandemic.’
This year’s program includes:

  • a series of plenary sessions discussing Australian public health
  • clinical updates
  • general practice research
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health session
  • rural health sessions
  • college-led training sessions
  • medical education sessions
  • CPR workshops.
And while GP22 will be an in-person event, the college is also set to curate a program specifically for digital attendees, which will include access to a specially designed platform from December. Digital registration rates will be made available later in the year.
Registration for GP22 is now open, with early bird rates due to expire at 11.59 pm on Tuesday 12 July.
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