In Practice: GP feedback on post-election advocacy priorities

Morgan Liotta

28/04/2022 3:29:04 PM

The RACGP is seeking member feedback to inform its engagement with the new or returning government after the Federal Election.

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The college is calling on members to have their say in helping to guide advocacy priorities following the Federal Election.

This week’s round up also includes how GPs can get involved in new research on young people’s health, upcoming CPD activities, and enhancing the design of practice spaces.
RACGP post-election advocacy priorities
In preparation for the 2022 Federal Election on 21 May, the RACGP published a Federal Election statement and strategy that calls on the Government to recognise and act on the need for greater investment into comprehensive and coordinated care.
The college is now looking to re-evaluate the statement via GP feedback and input, which will guide post-election advocacy priorities.
Key questions for consideration:

  • Are the priorities still relevant and current?
  • Are there any priorities that require amendment or removal?
  • Are there any new priorities that will be beneficial to patients and the sector that should be added?
  • Is there any new evidence that should be addressed?
GPs can provide feedback to inform the review by reading the Federal Election Statement materials, and emailing by Monday 9 May.
Dating violence and technology abuse: Management in general practice
Webinar: Wednesday 4 May, 7.00 – 8.30 pm (AEST)
CPD Activity: 3 points available
Presented by GP Dr Deepthi Iyer, who completed her PhD in 2019 exploring young Australian women’s perceptions of dating and dating violence, and Cynthia Brown, researcher at the University of Melbourne’s Safer Families Centre, who completed her PhD in 2021 investigating technology-facilitated abuse and its impact on young people.
This webinar will give an overview of what dating violence is and presentations in general practice, as well as how to manage and respond to these patients.
Register online.
Referring young people to gynaecology services?
Patients aged 10 to 18 years who have been referred to a gynaecologist across Australia are invited to participate in the Longitudinal Study of Teenagers with Endometriosis, Period and Pelvic Pain in Australia (LongSTEPPP) – led by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.
A five-year observational study, LongSTEPPP aims to establish a comprehensive national cohort of young people presenting to gynaecology services for the management of gynaecological conditions, establishing baseline characteristics and exploring long-term outcomes.
GPs who refer young people in this age cohort to a gynaecologist may be eligible to participate in LongSTEPPP.
Potential patients can be referred to LongSTEPPP to enable families to access pre-screening and register their interest.
Mental bites: Prevention of adverse childhood experiences
Webinar: Thursday 5 May, 1.00 – 1.30 pm (AEST)
CPD Activity: 1 point available
‘Mental bites’ is a new lunch-time series with bite-sized information presented by RACGP Specific Interests Psychological Medicine.
GPs are already aware of mental health assessments, diagnosis, and management. But this series is an opportunity to learn more about how to do the work – the micro-skills of engagement, forming safe and effective therapeutic alliances, and communication with patients.
The third webinar of the series looks at the role of GPs in preventing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), highlighting take-away practical skills to use with patients, as well as a Q&A with a GP expert in this field.
Register online.
Designing the ultimate practice: How physical premises impact success
For some patients, attending a GP appointment can be an emotional experience, and providing a calm experience in the waiting and consult rooms can make all the difference.
For staff, having a functionally efficient clinic can improve and increase the financial viability of a practice.
This is according to industry experts, who will expand on these practice tips at the 2022 Practice Owners National Conference.
The session will discuss:
  • what does and doesn’t work in practice designs from a practice owner perspective
  • key steps to designing and creating the ultimate practice space
  • RACGP General Practice Business Toolkit resources.
More information and registrations are available on the Practice Owners Conference website.
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newsGP weekly poll What do you think would be the greatest benefit of having more Australian general practice-based research?

newsGP weekly poll What do you think would be the greatest benefit of having more Australian general practice-based research?



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