KFP 2020.2 public exam report now available

Morgan Liotta

4/03/2021 1:05:54 PM

The biannual report outlines details of the recent exam and overall performance of the cohort.

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Preparation and readiness to sit the exams are essential for success.

The cancellation of the 2020.2 RACGP Fellowship (FRACGP) Key Feature Problem (KFP) in October 2020, saw it rescheduled as a paper-based exam on 4 December.
Following each exam, the college publishes information detailing candidates’ performance and outcomes, which covers pass marks and rates, mean scores and the reliability of the exam.
The 2020.2 KFP exam report is now available.
Comprising 26 cases each with a number of questions, the most recent KFP exam revealed an overall pass mark of 54.88% and a mean score of 57.7% from a total of 1251 candidates who sat the exam.

The pass rate ­– the percentage of candidates who achieved the pass mark – was 67.15%.
The report provides an overview of each of the 26 cases and identifies issues that resulted in candidates losing marks, including: 

  • providing non-specific responses
  • not reading questions thoroughly and missing key information
  • providing unrelated diagnoses and/or drug recommendations
  • providing further diagnoses rather than a cause for the presentation
  • providing history or details not relevant to the case
  • not identifying ‘red flags’ ­– therefore not providing correct management of the case
  • providing diagnoses and/or investigations repeated from the case.
Evidence suggests that candidate success diminishes for each subsequent exam attempt. Pass rates by number of attempts for the 2020.2 KFP were:
  • first attempt 81%
  • second attempt 48.8%
  • third attempt 47.4%
  • fourth and subsequent attempts 32.8%
 These results indicate that preparation and readiness to sit the exams are essential for success.

The RACGP recommends the following advice for candidates when sitting the exam:
  • read each question carefully and ensure answers address the question and are succinct
  • only consider the information provided in the question and avoid developing further history beyond this information
  • be specific in answers that include treatments, medication management, prescribing, further investigations, follow up and referral pathways
  • spell out terms in full rather than using abbreviations
  • ensure an understanding of current clinical guideline recommendations for appropriate screening and management, including for ‘red flags’ and ongoing management of an emergent situation, as well as any recent updates.
This guidance may also support candidates who are preparing for the Remote Clinical Exam (RCE), due to take place from 13–21 March. The RCE is replacing the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE), but will still be considered as part of the 2020.2 exam semester.
The 2021.1 KFP exam report from the 5 February exam is scheduled for release on 28 April.

The RACGP has a suite of resources to support exam candidates:   Log in below to join the conversation.

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