RACGP reveals dates for rescheduled KFP and AKT

Matt Woodley

26/10/2020 4:41:17 PM

The re-run of the postponed Key Feature Problem exam and Applied Knowledge Test is set to take place in early December.

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The KFP will be on Friday 4 December and the AKT will run on Saturday 5 December.

The new dates were revealed in an email to affected candidates sent by RACGP Acting President Associate Professor Ayman Shenouda and college CEO Dr Matthew Miles.
‘Before we get into the details, we wanted to again say sorry, and express our continued and deep regret at the distress the failure of the KFP [Key Feature Problem] and AKT [Applied Knowledge Test] has caused each of you,’ the email states.
‘We’re pleased to advise … the KFP will be on Friday 4 December and the AKT will run on Saturday 5 December.
‘We will provide advice to you about how to confirm your intention to sit on Friday 30 October, so please make sure that you respond to any request, as there will be very short timelines.
‘Any candidate who is unable to sit the 2020.2 resit will have the opportunity to enrol in the 2021.1 KFP and AKT.’
However, while the dates are now set, the college is still in the process of confirming the format of the exams, with more details expected on Wednesday.
‘We’ve been carefully weighing up the best format to ensure we will not repeat the previous failure,’ the email states.

‘This has included consideration of a paper-based assessment format, attempting another online assessment with an alternative to proctoring, or adopting an untested hybrid approach combining both paper and online delivery.’
The email goes on to explain that the college has been seeking to balance the following priorities:

  • An exam format that can be delivered safely to all candidates across the country, compliant with all state government COVID-19 restrictions. This is especially relevant for candidates in Victoria who are still not able to gather in large numbers at in-person testing centres, and we are aware the nature of the pandemic is such that it could change for candidates in other locations before we get the chance to re-run the KFP and AKT 
  • Delivering a reliable and secure exam with robust contingency plans in place
  • Assurance that we have partnered with the most suitable vendor/s to deliver exams to 1400 candidates, simultaneously across the country
  • Appropriate detail and lead-in time in order for candidates to make work or personal arrangements in advance to sit the exams. 
The email also provided information on how GPs can contribute to an upcoming Q&A.
‘We’re also putting your questions and exam feedback to a panel made up of RACGP CEO Dr Matthew Miles, Acting President Dr Ayman Shenouda, President-elect Dr Karen Price, RACGP GPs in Training Chair Dr Krystyna de Lange and Acting Censor in Chief Dr Tess Van Duuren,’ the email states. 
‘Chair of RACGP Specific Interests Dr Lara Roeske will facilitate the conversation [and] you can submit questions for this Q&A until 9.00 am AEDT Wednesday 28 October.’
Candidates with further questions have been encouraged to contact the RACGP via
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Dr MD Shah Fakhruddin   26/10/2020 11:10:54 PM

With due respect l am asking college to think about during this pandemic time , those who have completed AKT , OSCE and only failed by .001--.006 MARK( fraction ) in KFP , those doctor now suffering because of college failing doctor because of college ego , eccentric attitude and poor judgement causing hundred of GP unable to practice in Australia , MOST of GP have been practice medicine in Australia around 20 years
We request college to reconsider about those doctor failed by margin in the year of 2017 February , give them fraction mark and awarded them fellowship to allow heartbroken , depressed doctor (GP) to practice with dignity and honour.
Thanking You
Yours Sincerely,
Dr. Shah Fakhruddin

Dr Mazin Amir   27/10/2020 10:31:46 AM

I have been practicing medicine for the last 20 years include about 9 years practicing General practice and I have done KFP more than around times ,I pass AKT ,Now AKT will finish its validity and I have to do AKT again .Can you Imagine who this KFP effecting my all life ,family,financial and progress .,Tell me where is the fairness of this exam .One of the feed back in 2014 where the collage used to do feed back I was penalized for spelling mistake I was given 0/4 and another one was question about Lichen scleroses I was written topical steroid and I was given 0/4, even the the person from the collage felt sorry about me at the end I got 60.78 the pass mark .From that time I am getting less and less every time I doing KFP .It seem the more experience I got the less I got.I request from the collage to look at this UNFAIRNESS and see it in open and Human eyes ,I can tell you there arr a lot of GP who got the same bad experience as I have .