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Paul Hayes

2/05/2019 4:48:24 PM

The RACGP will establish a separate organisational portfolio to manage the delivery of general practice training.

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CEO Dr Zena Burgess believes the assuming responsibility for the AGPT program reflects the RACGP’s professionalism and expertise.

The RACGP Board resolved to establish an additional education division following the recent announcement that the college has formally assumed responsibility for the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program.
‘The Board determined that a separate organisational portfolio within the RACGP will be established to manage the delivery of training,’ RACGP Chief Executive Officer Dr Zena Burgess told newsGP.
A new general manager will be recruited to lead the additional education division. Both areas will have equal standing within the RACGP and the existing services will continue to be led by General Manager of Education Services, Dr Mark Rowe.
Dr Burgess described accepting responsibility for the AGPT program as a ‘historic moment’ for general practice and the RACGP.
‘It reflects the RACGP’s professionalism and expertise,’ she said.
The agreement with the Department of Health will see the RACGP select candidates for, and oversee the delivery of, the AGPT program and the Remote Vocational Training Scheme (RVTS).
‘This is a momentous time for the RACGP and we are thrilled to play an increasingly significant role in shaping the future of Australian general practice,’ Dr Burgess said.
‘The RACGP Board is excited at the opportunity to work with Regional Training Organisations [RTOs] to train general practice registrars and ensure a strong, committed, passionate and skilled future GP workforce.
‘Having the profession select entrants into the AGPT program, based on contemporary evidence-based criteria, ensures only the most skilled registrar candidates are granted entry to general practice training.
‘This, in turn, will ensure that Australian patients receive the highest quality healthcare whenever they visit a GP.’

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