New research grant pays tribute to late RACGP President

Paul Hayes

1/03/2021 10:59:28 AM

Dr Harry Nespolon was a tireless advocate for GPs and the general practice profession.

Dr Harry Nespolon
Dr Harry Nespolon was an advocate for GPs’ mental health and wellbeing.

The late Dr Harry Nespolon, who died in July 2020 following a battle with pancreatic cancer, left an indelible mark on Australian general practice.
‘Harry was an inspirational leader, a tireless advocate for general practice and someone who is missed by many people,’ RACGP President Dr Karen Price said.
‘He stepped up during the twin health crises of the 2019–20 summer bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic and fought to the very end for GPs and the patients they care for.’
The RACGP is now inviting GPs and GPs in training to apply for the RACGP Foundation Harry Nespolon Research Grant.
Valued at up to $60,000, the grant will be offered for a period of 12 months to fund a research project into the wellbeing of GPs and/or GPs in training, including factors that support wellbeing, self-care and peer support.
‘From start to finish, Harry cared deeply for the health and wellbeing of his peers. He understood that GPs can only provide the best possible standard of care for their patients if they have the right kind of care and support to lead full, healthy, and balanced lives,’ Dr Price said.
‘Speaking about the CrazySocks4Docs movement, which does an outstanding job raising awareness of the mental health of doctors and health practitioners around the world, Harry reminded GPs that the most important patient is yourself.
‘That is why the inaugural Harry Nespolon grant will fund research into the wellbeing of GPs. It will be research by GPs for GPs – Harry wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.’
This grant is made possible by contributions from Medibank Better Health Foundation and the RACGP, as well as donations by family, friends, colleagues and patients.
RACGP CEO Dr Matthew Miles encouraged interested GPs and GPs in training to apply.
‘[If you] have a potential proposal in mind my message to you is simple: please put your hand up and apply,’ he said.
‘It could make all the difference, particularly since the successful applicant will have the opportunity to present their work to leadership at the RACGP. This will help inform future policy and programs for the general practice community.’
Applications for the grant are now open and close on Monday 3 May.
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