Pete Evans slammed for ‘unacceptable’ comments about Dr Harry Nespolon

Matt Woodley

19/10/2020 5:58:04 PM

The former celebrity chef seemed to suggest the recently deceased RACGP President did not know how to best treat his pancreatic cancer.

Dr Harry Nespolon
Dr Harry Nespolon continued to through his nine-month battle with pancreatic cancer.

The comments, made during a Facebook Live interview with Informed Medical Opinions Party candidate and self-appointed ‘natural immunity community’ leader Allona Lahn, came during a discussion on public health communication during the pandemic.
Mr Evans intimated that an apparent inability of people in power to answer ‘simple questions’ from journalists was indicative of ‘deceit’ that manifests itself in physical illness.
‘These people do not answer the questions that the public need answers to, because the illusion, the theatre, would crumble,’ he said.
‘No one would come back. It’s as simple as that. You have dishonest people in positions of power and authority … they are deceitful, they are liars, they are incompetent and there is disease that will set into these people for the corruption and for the lies that they perpetrate. You will see it.’
He then went on to immediately refer to former RACGP President Dr Harry Nespolon’s battle with pancreatic cancer.
‘I recently had, this year, the President of the Royal Australian College of GPs, a fellow called Harry Nespolon, he went onto Ben Fordham’s 2GB talkshow radio [sic] and questioned my mental health,’ he said.
‘Two months later that doctor passed away. Pancreatic cancer. Condolences to his family.’

In a series on unfinished sentences, Mr Evans then refers to an unspecified number of people he has ‘helped’ through cancer by encouraging them to look at treatment through a ‘holistic lens’.
‘The amount of people that we have helped come through cancer through looking at a holistic lens [sic] – holistic means embracing modern medicine as well as natural medicine – the amount of people that we have helped get off pharmaceutical drugs, the amount of people that have reversed their terminal illnesses, that have no longer autoimmune disease [sic], that have put things into remission or severely reduced their medication.
‘The amount of people that are no longer depressed or suffer anxiety through looking through a holistic lens. I wish that doctor had have had the courage to have a chat.
‘It’s very sad what happened to that gentleman, and I wish it never happened. But when you have people that are in positions of power, or experts in their chosen field of medicine, that still do not know how to deal with disease and illness, that still succumb to these diseases and illnesses – yet they’re the experts in these chosen industries – may speak volumes [sic]. May. May.’
In response to the attack, RACGP Acting President Associate Professor Ayman Shenouda called on Mr Evans to immediately retract his ‘completely unacceptable’ comments and apologise to Dr Nespolon’s family.

‘Harry was a great man who is sorely missed by many people, including me. Even when he was given a terminal cancer diagnosis, Harry continued to fight and provide outstanding leadership until he could no longer hold on,’ he said.
‘I promised that I would find a way to honour his work and advocacy and that includes defending his legacy from the likes of Pete Evans.
‘Harry deserves far better than this. Hang your head in shame, Mr Evans.’
Mr Evans’ comments caused outcry on social media, with people from various areas of healthcare voicing the disapproval of the ‘disgraceful comments’.
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Dr Anh Nguyen   20/10/2020 7:09:04 AM

A new low, indeed. How vile.

Dr Emmet Dalton   20/10/2020 7:23:41 AM

He should be removed from the airways and anything he touch’s removed from bookstores and supermarket shelves. Boycott this fruitloop!

Dr Kapila Samarasekara   20/10/2020 9:31:56 AM

Hey chef, What happened to your Wuhan Coronavirus Tonic? Did it cure all the diseases? Shame on all the media that gives him publicity!

Dr James Courts   20/10/2020 10:29:24 AM

I think his COVID lamp has fried his brain somewhat.

Either that or the 5G ;)

Prof Max Kamien, AM   20/10/2020 10:56:50 AM

A few years ago I sent a letter to the editor of the West Australian refuting Mr Evans' views. His supporters came out in droves. My letterbox was stuffed with abusive letters one written in red ink. The author said: "What would you know about nutricion (sic). you are only a GP. Pete has studied it and knows a lot more than you." I could not reply that I too had studied it and had written several papers on the nutritional status of Aboriginal peoples and the results of fortifying bread that was taken up in an editorial in the Lancet-since the author was of course, incognito. Overvalued ideas and idee fixes are almost impossible to change. Mr Evans is a prime example.

Dr Rachel Lara Glasson   20/10/2020 1:07:37 PM

This twit infuriates me. To suggest that a doctor dying of a disease that is incurable (even with a UV lamp and some bone broth, his two favourite treatments) somehow represents a personal failing on that doctor's part, is disgraceful.

He can't even speak in full sentences. Where did he get his supposed qualifications from? Off the back of a cereal box perhaps?

Dr Veronika Marie Kirchner   20/10/2020 1:52:27 PM

Prof Max Kamien is right. You can’t reason with someone who has rigid beliefs & a misplaced arrogance such as Mr Evan’s. His smug certainty that he is right is nauseating. To make comments like that about Dr Harry Nespolon is cruel in the extreme.

Dr Magda Saad Elkateb   20/10/2020 2:54:19 PM

Why is anyone listening to this rubbish ? What’s wrong with this people who are giving him a chance to spread his ignorance and stupidity. Unbelievable

Dr Janet Elizabeth Kitchener-Smith   20/10/2020 4:55:25 PM

I agree. Evans should be removed from the airwaves! In my opinion, this vile man is dangerous. Cowardly behaviour.
Harry was a wonderful selfless man who constantly worked for the good of the whole population. It was a great honour to have worked with Harry. My best wishes and thoughts to his family.

Dr M Isaac   20/10/2020 10:08:01 PM

Unfortunately we are in era that celebrities will have more influence than hard working doctors! if you are singer or dancer or footy player or a chef! , you will get more attention, audience and media .... but if you are humble scientific hard working doctor who studied for at least 15 years , you will get the doubt! .. Mr Evans, if you could enlighten us , what do you know about cancer pancreas? was it written in your cooking book? or shall we treat it with your spicy sauce to kill the cancer cells! how dare you comment on the late humble doctor who worked till the last breath while you are enjoying your media attention !! very cowardly and childish behaviour and comment coming from an individual with very poor insight ... as Donald Trump said " Fake Media " paying attention to FAKE chef .... I am really worried about your fate Mr Evans. Enough for today!

Dr Janaki Gharti-Magar   20/10/2020 10:23:50 PM

Pete Evans' comments about Dr. Harry Nespolon are disgraceful. Media should stop giving him publicity.

Dr Tatiana Cimpoesu   20/10/2020 10:51:11 PM

1. Sadly, doctors are too busy looking after everyone else and forget to take care of their own health!
2. It is obvious that Mr Evans HAS NO MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE! It would be interesting to see how could treat his own pancreatic cancer by looking at treatment through a ‘holistic lens’...

Dr Deborah Uwa Sambo   28/10/2020 10:02:13 PM

How disgusting!
I think the laugh is on you Pete! Harry was absolutely right to question your MH
I am not one for "cancelling" people for their ignorant views.
He ( PE) should stay on to stew in his own idiocy. The more he opens his mouth, the more he confirms what Dr Nespolon knew to be true!
I never knew people can get this low. You learn every day