RACGP 2018 Faculty elections: Board members announced

Doug Hendrie

13/08/2018 3:19:25 PM

The results of the RACGP faculties’ board member elections have been announced.

Faculty board member election results have been announced.
Faculty board member election results have been announced.

The incoming RACGP Faculty board members will begin their two-year term after the close of each 2018 Faculty member meeting.

RACGP President-elect Dr Harry Nespolon congratulated the incoming board members.
‘I am pleased to welcome our new Faculty board members, who will help advise and guide RACGP Council over the next two years,’ he told newsGP.

The RACGP’s faculties were established in the college’s constitution. They operate as advisory bodies to the Council and represent member interests.
The Faculties represent Australia’s states and territories, as well as areas including rural health, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, and specific interests.
Voting in the Faculty elections took place when there were more nominees than available positions. Incoming board members successfully nominated and those elected are listed on the RACGP website.
The newly elected (or re-elected) members are:

  • Michael Wright
  • Anju Aggarwal  
RACGP Queensland
  • Rebecca Stewart
  • Claire Jackson
  • Michael Clements
  • Nicole Higgins
  • Rodney Willett
  • Tony Bayliss
  • Deborah Sambo
RACGP Victoria
  • Alison Green
  • Sarah Lewis
  • Anita Munoz
  • Bernard Shiu
  • Ajai Verma
  • Carl Jansz
  • Yousuf Haroon Ahmad
  • Naveed Mughal
RACGP Western Australia
  • Tim Koh
  • Sean Stevens
  • Colleen Bradford
  • Peter Maguire
  • Jagadish ‘Jags’ Krishnan
  • Mary-Therese Wyatt
  • Robert Paul
  • Michael Civil
  • Andrew Png
  • Russell Fayers
  • Francis Akinyemi
RACGP Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
  • Deep Joseph (Victoria representative)
Any unfilled board positions may be filled by the incoming board appointing eligible members as casual vacancies. Members appointed in this way will hold the position until the close of the 2020 Faculty member meeting.
Visit the RACGP website for more information.

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