Trial shows RACGP online exam platform is ‘ready for use’

Matt Woodley

14/04/2022 10:39:49 AM

More than 1000 members took part in a successful trial of AssessGP last week, paving the way for computer-based AKT exams in July.

GP sitting at computer.
The vast majority of trial participants said they are confident the college can deliver online exams in the future.

A positive trial involving 1052 RACGP members has given the college confidence that its online exam platform, AssessGP, is ready for use in computer-based exams in venues planned for later in the year.
With the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) due to take place in July, the RACGP’s Chief Education Officer Rob LoPresti told newsGP the trial had been ‘extremely successful’, with the college ‘blown away’ by the level of membership engagement.
‘In total, 1052 members gave up their precious time to participate and provide feedback,’ he said.
‘We received feedback from 80% of the participants, and that information has given us valuable insights into the performance of the platform and the user experience.
‘This has shown us that the platform is ready for use in live AKT exams.’ 
Of the participants who provided feedback, 92% said they are confident that the college can deliver online exams in the future – up from 80% before the trial – while 96% believed future exam candidates would be able to confidently use the new platform.
Eighty-seven per cent also reportedly found the login experience to be easy, and 99% found the participant reference guide helpful.  
For Mr LoPresti, the most pleasing aspect of the trial was the fact that so many members were happy with the look and feel of the platform, and that it promises to provide the ‘functionality and experience members need to take such an important exam’.
‘There’s also the validation we received from members that the effort everyone across the college made during the AKT platform development and testing process paid off,’ he said.
‘Many people across the college have gone, and continue to go, above and beyond to support the testing of our new platform to make sure we can return to providing venue based online exams.
‘I’m proud we have engaged our members in this process, and they are responding with such high levels of support.’
Despite having successfully completed the trial, Mr LoPresti said the college is still intent on improving other aspects of its computer-based exam delivery.
‘We’re currently working with the software vendor to deliver other features we need for exam creation and streamlined results processing, such as reducing the amount of manual effort required by our team in the backend,’ he said.
‘But we really wanted to focus on the member experience first, to get that right because this is our core focus and priority.
‘We’re also continuing to work with our software vendor and community to develop and test the full software functionality we require to return to delivering not just venue-based AKT online exams but the KFP as well.’
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