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Morgan Liotta

6/08/2019 1:59:26 PM

The RACGP Foundation has announced the recipients of its 2019 grants and awards.

Melinda Choy
Dr Melinda Choy hopes to build on her eHealth research by travelling to the UK to collaborate with other academics.

Dr Melinda Choy received additional funding to build on the eHealth mixed-methods research undertaken with her 2018 RACGP Foundation grant. 
She has been awarded the 2019 RACGP Foundation Walpole Grieve Award to travel to the UK to collaborate with the Good Things Foundation – a digital social change charity – who will host an office roundtable with local academics for her visit.
‘I hope to share some of my own related research there ... the work they do is inspiring,’ Dr Choy told newsGP.
‘Good Things Foundation have also arranged for me to visit some pilot projects that have been part of the NHS Widening Digital Participation Project ... to potentially inform a digital health skills training project in Australia.’
Dr Choy also plans to present her current research at the UK-based Society for Academic Primary Care Annual Scientific Meeting in 2020.
This travel and research is an extension of her project, ‘eHealth and disadvantage: A mixed methods study exploring how patients with chronic disease experience eHealth’, which was initially funded by the 2018 RACGP Foundation/IPN Medical Centres Research Grant.
Dr Choy hopes to continue exploring ways to understand vulnerable populations’ experience of digital health, and the ways access can potentially be improved.
‘The rapidly increasing presence of eHealth promises to improve healthcare for all Australians,’ Dr Choy said.
‘However, the digital health divide means that vulnerable populations are marginalised further through poor access to traditional health, and now also to eHealth services.
‘The goal has been to undertake interviews and a survey with patients mostly from general practice to characterise the eHealth experience of socioeconomically disadvantaged patients with chronic disease ... and trying to work out which patients would benefit from what types of eHealth and the best ways in which to increase their benefit and access.
‘We are hoping that this will help direct future steps in research, policy and intervention design, to reduce rather than increase the digital health divide.’
Dr Choy anticipates her research will benefit not only patients, but also GPs who work with vulnerable populations. She acknowledges models from the UK as inspiration.
‘What I do not know as a GP is what determines which patients benefit from eHealth, and particularly how to help my more socially and economically disadvantaged patients access those benefits,’ she said.
‘I would really like to see how Good Things Foundation have helped some patients improve eHealth disparities through their work, and to apply those lessons in Australia in the context of general practice and our patients.’
Full list of 2019 grant recipients:
Therapeutic Guidelines Limited (TGL)/RACGP Foundation Research Grant 
Dr Jo-Anne Manski-Nankervis ($80,246.80)
Project title: Guidance GP: A new quality improvement activity for antibiotic prescribing in general practice           

Therapeutic Guidelines Limited (TGL)/RACGP Foundation Research Grant           
Professor Nigel Stocks ($19,968.00)
Project title: Use of osteoarthritis guidelines in general practice: An analysis of work-as-done using the Functional Resonance Analysis Method                       

Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC)/RACGP Foundation Research Grant        
Dr Sean Black-Tiong ($99,189)
Project title: General practice management of physical and psychological trauma resulting from road traffic accidents, 2011–18

HCF Research Foundation/RACGP Foundation Research Grant  
Dr Katrina Giskes ($59,760)         
Project title: AF SELF SMART – Atrial Fibrillation Self-Screening, Management And Guideline Recommended Therapy                               
RACGP Foundation/HCF Research Foundation Research Grant  
Dr Matthew Grant ($59,949)
Project title: Establishing patterns of primary care usage at the end of life in cancer: Using indicators of quality end of life care in linked administrative data                     

RACGP Foundation/HCF Research Foundation Research Grant  
Dr Oliver Frank ($56,859)
Project title: Increasing immunisation in general practice invasive pneumococcal disease and influenza in people under 65 years old whose chronic conditions put them at higher risk of and from these infections             
RACGP Foundation/Diabetes Australia Research Grant
Dr Elizabeth Sturgiss ($60,000)   
Project title: Improving type 2 diabetes management in general practice: A realist evaluation of the 5As framework                               

RACGP Foundation/BOQ Specialist Research Grant         
Associate Professor Gillian Gould ($20,000)
Project title: Step towards incorporating smoking relapse prevention in smoking cessation care for Indigenous Australian women: Detecting predictors and drivers of relapse in the women of reproductive age and exploring their quitting experience         
RACGP Foundation Family Medical Care Education and Research (FMCER) Grant
Dr Hilary Gorges ($19,512)          
Project title: Comparison of topical antibiotics with topical antiseptics and inert ointment for treatment of impetigo: Protocol for a pilot prospective randomised double-blinded controlled trial for the topical treatment of impetigo in Australian general practice

RACGP Foundation Family Medical Care Education and Research (FMCER) Grant
Dr Michael Wright ($19,299)       
Project title: Exploring methods to evaluate and compare primary care spending

RACGP Foundation Chris Silagy Research Scholarship    
Dr Kylie Vuong ($14,996)              
Project title: Melanoma risk perceptions among Australian general practitioners

RACGP Foundation Indigenous Health Award    
Professor Parker Magin ($8989)
Project title: The diploma in practice management in Aboriginal medical services: Impact on professional and personal development of graduates

RACGP Foundation Walpole Grieve Award
Dr Melinda Choy ($5000)              
Project title: Understanding international solutions to the digital health divide: A knowledge exchange to improve ehealth disparities in primary care

RACGP Foundation Charles Bridges-Webb Memorial Award       
Dr Roisin Bhamjee ($1000)                          
Project title: Adolescent Health Provision in the Australian School Setting: Perspectives of Primary Care Physicians on their preparedness

The RACGP Foundation congratulates this year’s grant recipients.

The RACGP Foundation’s Peter Mudge Medal, Alan Chancellor Award and Best General Practice Article in AJGP Award will be announced at the RACGP’s annual conference, GP19, in Adelaide in October.

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