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Terms and conditions

  • recruitGP

    1. These terms apply to users posting materials to the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners’ GP classified webservice recruitGP.
    2. By posting materials to recruitGP, users are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to these conditions.
  • Acceptable uses

    1. You must only use recruitGP advertisement for lawful purposes and for advertising goods and services relevant to Australian general practice.
    2. If your advertisement involves Therapeutic Goods (as defined in the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 (Cth)), you must comply with:
      1. the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct;
      2. the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code 2015; and
      3. the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989, and
      4. any other applicable code, regulation or guide as applicable and as authorised under this Act.
    3. Your advertisement must be consistent with general practice professionalism and, in particular, must:
      1. account for the RACGP’s standing in the healthcare industry and the professional stature of its members; and
      2. comply with the Australian Medical Association Code of Ethics.
  • Fair use

    1. As RACGP member using this service free of charge, you warrant:
      1. your recruitGP advertisement use will be reasonable and consistent with a user’s expected use for like services; and
      2. you will not use or allow your member account to provide access to, or advertise on behalf of a third party.
    2. If the RACGP considers you are not complying your obligations under this clause 3, we may consider further actions which may include:
      1. the payment of fees (see clause 5b) for future advertisements, and/or
    3. stopping you from publishing any (further) advertisements.
    4. If the RACGP determines you have used the recruitGP webservice in egregious or blatant violation of these conditions, it may invoice you for those services (including those already provided) it considers outside this fair use.
  • Prohibited uses

    1. You must not use recruitGP advertisement for any of the following prohibited purposes:
      1. advertising false or misleading content;
      2. infringing any third-party right (including as to intellectual property);
      3. publishing identified personal information without the concerned person’s prior permission;
      4. distributing or sending communications containing spam, chain letters or pyramid schemes; and
      5. copying, modifying, or distributing any other person’s content without their consent.
  • Fees & services

    1. Using recruitGP advertisement is free for RACGP members.
    2. The RACGP charges a fee of $340 (excluding GST) per advertisement for non-RACGP members. The RACGP will not publish any advertisement until full payment. Fee are refundable if advertisements are cancelled prior to their publication.
    3. Each advertisement is published for a period of 30 days. After such period, your advertisement will be deleted from recruitGP advertisement and no longer visible.
  • RACGP’s rights

    1. The RACGP reserves the right, at its own discretion, to refuse or delete any advertisement the RACGP believes is inappropriate or breaching these conditions. In such circumstances, refunds are payable only in the RACGP’s discretion.
  • Your licence to the RACGP

    1. You grant the RACGP a non-exclusive, irrevocable and royalty free licence for the purpose of reproducing and communicating to the public your advertisement in recruitGP advertisement.
    2. You warrant you have the right to grant this licence, and the right to post the content itself.
  • Liability

    1. You are solely responsible for all information you submit to recruitGP advertisement and any consequences that may result from your advertisement.
    2. You indemnify the RACGP for any amounts incurred as result of any loss, cost, expense, claim action, demand or proceeding arising, resulting from or in connection with any breach by you of these conditions.
  • Disclaimer

    1. The RACGP does not guarantee and makes no representations about the minimum numbers of people viewing your advertisement.
    2. The RACGP is not responsible or liable for any refund or compensation in any way, if you are not satisfied with this service.
    3. Publishing your advertisement does not include or imply the RACGP’s endorsement. You must not represent to any person your posting implies RACGP endorsement by virtue of that posting alone.
  • General

    1. The RACGP reserves the right to amend these conditions (including the fees) from time to time. The conditions governing your advertisement are those in force at the time you submit your advertisement to the RACGP.

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