EGM resolution on Board remuneration passes

Matt Woodley

29/06/2022 4:39:31 PM

The ‘positive’ outcome will allow directors to continue representing members at their full capacity, RACGP CEO Paul Wappett has said.

RACGP building sign.
Just over 58% of votes were cast in favour of the proposed RACGP Board remuneration package.

Members have voted in favour of the RACGP Board remuneration package for the 2022–23 financial year at an extraordinary general meeting on Tuesday night.
The result means that the 14 directors who make up the college’s Board, including President Adjunct Professor Karen Price, will continue to be remunerated after 30 June.
Of the 5558 votes cast on the resolution, 3225 (58%) supported the base remuneration package of $988,188.84, as well as a further $196,811.16 that has been set aside as a contingency for unanticipated expenses.
RACGP CEO Paul Wappett told newsGP the ‘positive’ outcome will allow directors to continue representing members at their full capacity.
‘I think it’s a very good result. The Board does an enormous amount of work on behalf of members to ensure that the college is functioning as a financially sustainable and effective membership body,’ he said.
‘This decision will mean that directors can remain fully committed to furthering member interests via the vital policy and advocacy work they conduct as representatives of the RACGP.’
However, while pleased with the result, Mr Wappett also acknowledged that more than 2300 members voted against the resolution and said the college will seek feedback on the sentiment behind this position.
‘The Board and I are very keen to understand why some members have chosen to vote that way,’ he said.
‘We’d like to know whether it’s an issue with the remuneration being paid to Board directors, or if there are broader questions for us at the college to understand.
‘We’d really appreciate if members could let us know what concerns they have, so we can act on those things.
‘We want them to feel secure in the knowledge that the Board and senior management are always acting in their best interest, and member feedback is an important part of that process.’
Mr Wappett indicated that the college plans to develop a feedback mechanism over the coming weeks, which will be promoted to members once ready.
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