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Morgan Liotta

14/01/2020 12:19:57 PM

The Practice Experience Program offers a number of benefits for non-vocationally registered doctors – and applications are now open.

PEP online
From 2022 it will become compulsory for all candidates to complete either the PEP or AGPT Program to attain FRACGP.

Delivered Australia-wide in partnership with Regional Training Organisations and the Remote Vocational Training Scheme, the Practice Experience Program (PEP) is a self-directed education program designed to support non-vocationally (non-VR) registered doctors on their journey to Fellowship of the RACGP (FRACGP).
Non-VR doctors who are currently working, or have a job offer to work, in Modified Monash Model (MMM) 2–7 areas are encouraged to apply for the PEP to ensure they are on track to attaining Fellowship.
Key benefits of the PEP are outlined below.
Equipped for change
GPs who join the PEP now will be better prepared for January 2022, when it will become compulsory for all exam candidates to complete an accredited pathway – either the PEP or the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) Program – in order to attain FRACGP.
The non-VR Fellowship Support Program (FSP) is funded under the Australian Government’s Stronger Rural Health Strategy. Participants pay $2000 per term to access the PEP; however, there will be a price rise after this round of applications closes on 31 January. Future intakes will be required to pay $4650 per term.
The current intake round will be the last time participants are accepted into the program before a price rise. 
Increased earning potential
Doctors undertaking the PEP in areas MMM 2–7* will be rewarded for their participation through access to a 3GA provider number, giving them full A1 Medicare rebates.
From 30 June 2023, the 3GA programs that currently provide non-VR doctors pursuing Fellowship access to Medicare items outside of the PEP and AGPT programs will cease. Provider numbers may be used until then.
Preparation for Fellowship
Participation in the PEP will enhance medical skills and knowledge, and therefore assist GPs in their preparation to attain FRACGP.
Access to online self-directed education with the support of a medical educator who offers feedback can also assist in this process.
There is a maximum of six exam attempts in which to pass all three exam segments, with no further options after those six attempts.
Ongoing support
All PEP participants will be mentored by a specialist GP, who will support them through the program and enable access to various resources. The PEP supports doctors to provide their community the highest quality and most appropriate healthcare, while boosting workforce confidence.
Further information about the PEP is available on the RACGP website. Contact for furher enquiries.
* Provider numbers will not be accessible to PEP participants working in MMM 1 locations, pending exceptional circumstances.
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