KFP 2022.2 Fellowship exam report released

Morgan Liotta

7/10/2022 1:32:45 PM

The public report outlines how candidates performed in the latest exam, which reflects the scope of Australian clinical practice.

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The KFP exam paper reflects the breadth of clinical encounters seen in Australian general practice.

Following each RACGP Fellowship (FRACGP) exam, the college publishes information detailing candidates’ performance and outcomes, covering pass marks and rates, mean scores and the reliability of the exam.
The public report for the 2022.2 Key Feature Problem (KFP) exam, which took place on 15 July, is now available.
From a total of 789 candidates who sat the 2022.2 KFP exam, the report reveals an overall pass mark of 55.78% and a mean score of 60%.

The pass rate ­– the percentage of candidates who achieved the pass mark – was 71.48%.
Comprising 26 cases each with a number of questions, the KFP exam is designed to assess the clinical reasoning and clinical decision-making of candidates – a core competency for all clinicians.
Rather than just a ‘short-answer paper’, the KFP exam requires analysis of the clinical scenario and consideration of the initial and any evolving information.
The candidate is then required to answer focused questions relating to the context of the given clinical scenario.
The report provides an overview of each of the 26 cases and identifies issues that resulted in candidates losing marks, including: 

  • not reading questions thoroughly and missing key information
  • providing non-specific responses
  • providing unrelated diagnoses and/or drug recommendations
  • providing further diagnoses rather than a cause for the presentation
  • providing history or details not relevant to the case
  • not identifying ‘red flags’ ­– therefore not providing correct management of the case
  • providing diagnoses and/or investigations repeated from the case.
The RACGP highlights that, as with previous exam cycles, there are several common themes for candidates to consider when preparing for and sitting the KFP exam:
  • Answer the question in the context of the clinical scenario, using all the information provided
  • Ensure that answers provided are relevant to the key features of the case presentation
  • Provide only the number of answers requested – providing additional answers greatly increases the risk of over-coding
  • Be specific in answers
  • Be aware of current clinical guidelines relevant to the provision of primary care at Fellowship level
  • Access the practice exams and use the RACGP exam support program resources, including gplearning modules

Following the success of a member trial conducted in April this year to test the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) exam on its new online exam platform, AssessGP, the college successfully delivered the AKT exams via the platform in July.
The college will now run another member trial to test the KFP on AssessGP on 20 October, to help ensure that Fellowship candidates are provided with a well-tested and seamless online assessment experience.
The next KFP exam (2023.1) will be held on 4 February, with a scheduled release date of 27 April for the corresponding report.

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