RACGP releases latest AKT exam report

Morgan Liotta

9/09/2022 1:26:11 PM

The 2022.2 report marks the first Applied Knowledge Test delivered via the college’s new online exam platform.

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The college has recently undertaken a rigorous testing process to ensure the stability and success of the new exam platform.

The 2022.2 Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) was delivered face-to-face in venues across Australia in July, when the AssessGP platform was used in live exams for the first time.
It followed the success of rigorous trials on AssessGP earlier this year which paved the way for the online exam platform to be used.
This week, the college has released the AKT 2022.2 exam report, outlining the results of that exam and providing insight into areas that candidates found challenging.
From a total of 787 candidates who sat the exam, the AKT 2022.2 had a pass rate of 82.08% with a pass mark of 61.07%.
Designed to test the application of knowledge in the clinical context of Australian general practice, the bi-annual AKT consists of 150 questions based on typical presentations. All questions are written by experienced GPs from across Australia who currently work in clinical practice.
The report identifies common areas of the AKT 2022.2 where candidates could improve, which include:

  • demonstrating informed decision-making to enable appropriate interpretation and management of test results
  • demonstrating an understanding of appropriate knowledge for common presentations in order to prescribe appropriately
  • recognising symptoms and demonstrate appropriate follow up and referral pathways
  • considering both first- and second-line treatment options
  • ensuring up-to-date knowledge of ‘red flags’ and appropriate further management
  • being aware of the most up-to-date guidelines and having an understanding of current recommended screening practices.
This guidance may also support candidates who are preparing for the other FRACGP exams – the Key Feature Problem (KFP) exam and Clinical Competency Exam (CCE).
The AKT 2023.1 assessment date is scheduled for Friday 3 February 2023, with the results due to be released on Thursday 16 March 2023.
The RACGP’s Examination guide has further information to assist candidates preparing for the Fellowship exams, as well as specific exam day information.
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