Kieran Fallon


MBBS (Hons), MD (ANU), MSpExSc, MHEd, FRACGP, FACSEP, SFHEA, Professor of Musculoskeletal, Sport and Exercise Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, College of Health and Medicine, Australian National University, ACT; Visiting Medical Officer, Department of Rheumatology, The Canberra Hospital, ACT

Exercise in the time of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted the physical activity of the population, but maintaining exercise could reduce the risk of contracting the infection itself and mitigate the effects of quarantine.

Overuse injuries in the athlete

Knowledge of common injuries and a clear understanding of an athlete’s goals are the bases for successful injury management.

Shin pain in athletes

This article aims to improve general practitioners’ knowledge of a specific group of exercise-related conditions that occur in the shin region.

The role of exercise in management of rheumatological disease

International rheumatology bodies now recommend multiple forms of exercise as part of the management of both osteoarthritis and the more classically inflammatory rheumatic disorders.