Andrew R Davey

FRACGP, MClinEpid, Conjoint Lecturer, School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Newcastle, NSW; Senior Researcher, NSW & ACT Research and Evaluation Unit, GP Synergy, Mayfield West, NSW

Acne in primary care: A cross-sectional analysis

Acne is seen by registrars at a rate similar to that of their established general practitioner colleagues, but with modest continuity of care in its management.

Cross-sectional analysis of the clinical work hours of early-career general practitioners

A high proportion of early-career general practitioners working part time in clinical general practice has implications for workplace planning.

Evidence-based strategies for better antibiotic prescribing

Patient perceptions and expectations, practitioner clinical uncertainty and practice culture may all be barriers to antibiotic stewardship.

Gender differences in Australian general practice trainees performing procedures related to women’s reproductive health: A cross-sectional analysis

Gender difference exists in general practice trainees’ frequency of performing procedures related to women’s reproductive health.

General practice registrars’ use of dermoscopy: Prevalence, associations and influence on diagnosis and confidence

General practice registrars use a dermatoscope in a modest majority of skin checks and pigmented skin lesion consultations, which influences registrars’ diagnoses and increases their confidence.

Immunising older Australians: Pre-COVID-19 associations of opportunistic immunisation in general practice registrar consultations

Given that immunisation is largely provided in primary care, general practitioners in training (registrars) are important for aged immunisation delivery.

Telehealth for Australian general practice: The present and the future

Further research and training are needed to ensure that telehealth is used optimally and equitably.