Asvini K Subasinghe

BA, BSc (Hons), PhD, Research Fellow, SPHERE, Department of General Practice, Monash University, Melb, Vic

Current contraceptive use in women with a history of unintended pregnancies: Insights from the Australian Contraceptive ChOice pRoject (ACCORd) trial

While clinical guidelines recommend increasing the use of long-acting reversible contraceptives, current contraceptive use and management in Australia do not reflect these recommendations.

General practitioner experiences in delivering early medical abortion services to women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds: A qualitative–descriptive study

This paper explored GP experiences in providing early medical abortion to women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and their recommendations for service improvements.

Providing medical abortion in general practice: General practitioner insights and tips for future providers

Increased awareness of the alternative medical abortion models may encourage medical abortion delivery in general practice and increase access for women.