Bogda Koczwara

BMBS, MBioethics, FRACP, Professor of Cancer Medicine, Flinders University, SA; Senior Staff Specialist, Department of Medical Oncology, Flinders Medical Centre, SA

Clinical Oncology Society of Australia position statement on cancer survivorship care

This model of care recommends a systemic, coordinated, multidisciplinary approach to survivorship, using pathways of care that support wellness, disease prevention and cancer surveillance.

The important role of general practice in the care of cancer survivors

In addition to a role in cancer surveillance, GPs have key roles in the management of comorbid illness, secondary prevention, health promotion, self-management promotion and coordination of care.

Managing patients receiving new and unfamiliar cancer treatments: A qualitative study of general practitioners’ experience

General practitioners’ ability to promptly recognise potentially serious side effects of treatment, especially those unique to newer therapies, can be crucial to patient safety.

Personalised cancer care in the era of precision medicine

Achievement of personalised cancer care requires a system-wide approach that targets the patient, healthcare provider and healthcare system with data informing practice.