Caroline Nicholson

GradDipPhty (UK), MBA, PhD, GAICD, GAIST, Director, Integrated Care and Innovation, Mater Health, South Brisbane, Qld; Deputy Director (Operations), Centre for Health System Reform and Integration, Mater Research Institute, and Honorary Senior Lecturer, Primary Care Clinical Unit, Faculty of Medicine, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Qld

COVID-19: Pump-priming positive healthcare reform

This case study of GP Shared Care provides an interesting lens though which to view the current opportunities for improved healthcare partnerships as we respond to the COVID-19 challenges.

Feasibility of an asynchronous general practitioner–to–general physician eConsultant outpatient substitution program: A Queensland pilot study

Internationally, eConsultant models have been trialled to address demands on healthcare systems without requiring face-to-face specialist input.