Jill Benson

AM MBBS, MPH, PhD, Senior Medical Educator, GPEx Ltd, Adelaide, SA; Director – Health in Human Diversity Unit, School of Medicine, University of Adelaide, SA

Antibiotic prescribing for tonsillopharyngitis in a general practice setting: Can the use of Modified Centor Criteria reduce antibiotic prescribing?

An investigative study into whether using the Modified Centor Criteria reduces antibiotic prescribing in a general practice setting.

Burnout and wellbeing in the Australian general practice training context: Stakeholder-informed guidelines

Study to inform the development of feasible, acceptable and useful intervention strategies for Australian general practice training to address burnout and wellbeing.

A qualitative exploration of burnout prevention and reduction strategies for general practice registrars

Burnout prevention and management require both individual and organisational-level change.

Telehealth and Australian general practice in 2020: A survey exploring patients’ perspectives in the Adelaide Hills

Key drivers towards success should be considered by governing bodies if there is to be continued innovation within the area of remote healthcare delivery.