Kristen FitzGerald

MBBS (Hons), FRACGP, MPHTM, AFANZAHPE, Director of Education and Training, General Practice Training Tasmania, Hobart, Tas; Senior Lecturer, University of Tasmania, School of Medicine, Hobart, Tas

Acne in primary care: A cross-sectional analysis

Acne is seen by registrars at a rate similar to that of their established general practitioner colleagues, but with modest continuity of care in its management.

Cross-sectional analysis of the clinical work hours of early-career general practitioners

A high proportion of early-career general practitioners working part time in clinical general practice has implications for workplace planning.

Immunising older Australians: Pre-COVID-19 associations of opportunistic immunisation in general practice registrar consultations

Given that immunisation is largely provided in primary care, general practitioners in training (registrars) are important for aged immunisation delivery.