Garry Egger

AM, MPH, PhD, FASLM, Board Member, Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM), Vic; Director, Centre for Health Promotion and Research, NSW; Adjunct Professor, Southern Cross University, NSW.

Development of a lifestyle medicine

Lifestyle medicine has arisen as a relatively new (adjunct) discipline to assist conventional approaches to clinical care in dealing with lifestyle and environmental disease.


Lifestyle medicine adds to conventional medicine by closely examining environmental and distal determinants and individual behaviours that influence disease.

Lifestyle medicine

Lifestyle medicine might offer an adjunct approach to better managing chronic disease.

Programmed shared medical appointments

Shared medical appointments and programmed shared medical appointments are an innovative approach to chronic disease management.

Shared medical appointments for weight management

Programmed shared medical appointments are effective, well accepted and cost efficient for body weight management.