Louise Stone


MBBS, BA, DipRACOG, GDFamMed, MPH, MQHR, PhD, FRACGP, FACRRM, Clinical Associate Professor, Academic Unit of General Practice, ANU Medical School, Australian National University, ACT

Coping during a pandemic

Coping theory is the best guideline we have to help ourselves, our teams and our patients survive these uncertain times.

Adult survivors of childhood trauma: Complex trauma, complex needs

General practitioners can facilitate recovery-orientated, trauma-focused care, even when local services are limited.

General practice, COVID-19 and living with uncertainty

A lifetime of general practice brings with it the privilege of acquired wisdom. We swim in uncertainty and have learned to work within its scope.

Great Expectations and e-mental health: The role of literacy in mediating access to mental healthcare

Text-based e-mental health programs may worsen the treatment gap for disadvantaged patients because of inherent high literacy requirements.

Making a good mental health diagnosis: Science, art and ethics

A good diagnosis provides a valid interpretation of a person’s experience and is respectful and empowering.