Louise Stone

MBBS, BA, DipRACOG, GDFamMed, MPH, MQHR, PhD, FRACGP, FACRRM, Academic Lead (Rural and Remote), HETI, Mental Health Portfolio, NSW; Clinical Associate Professor, Academic Unit of General Practice, Australian National University Medical School, Acton, ACT; Associate Professor, Social Foundations of Medicine, Australian National University Medical School, Acton, ACT

Coping during a pandemic

Coping theory is the best guideline we have to help ourselves, our teams and our patients survive these uncertain times.

Adult survivors of childhood trauma: Complex trauma, complex needs

General practitioners can facilitate recovery-orientated, trauma-focused care, even when local services are limited.

General practice, COVID-19 and living with uncertainty

A lifetime of general practice brings with it the privilege of acquired wisdom. We swim in uncertainty and have learned to work within its scope.

Great Expectations and e-mental health: The role of literacy in mediating access to mental healthcare

Text-based e-mental health programs may worsen the treatment gap for disadvantaged patients because of inherent high literacy requirements.

Illness uncertainty and risk management for people with cancer

The diagnosis of cancer is a life-changing event, and it can herald a long journey of anxiety, uncertainty and change.

Making a good mental health diagnosis: Science, art and ethics

A good diagnosis provides a valid interpretation of a person’s experience and is respectful and empowering.

Recognising and responding to domestic and family violence in general practice

Exposure to domestic and family violence has lifelong impacts on physical health and life expectancy and increases hospitalisation and healthcare usage.