Matthew D Gardiner

MBBS (Hons I), FRACGP, FAFRM (RACP), Senior Staff Specialist, Rehabilitation Medicine, Calvary Hospital, Kogarah, NSW; Conjoint Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, University of NSW, Sydney, NSW

Gait assessment in general practice

Mobility has a disproportionate impact on independence and function, as walking underpins most other activities of daily living.

Multidisciplinary management of motor neurone disease

MND is a group of neurodegenerative disorders best managed using a multidisciplinary approach, with the general practitioner as an integral part of the team.

A guide to the management of paediatric pes planus

Paediatric pes planus treatment has long been a contentious topic, with a lack of clarity in the literature regarding which children require treatment and the efficacy of intervention.