Meredith Temple-Smith

BSc, MPH, DHSc, Deputy Head, Director of Research Training, Department of General Practice, University of Melbourne, Parkville, Vic

Could an online or digital aid facilitate discussions about sexual health with older Australians in general practice?

Online and digital aids could provide an effective means to help facilitate sexual health discussions with older patients in general practice, provided they are designed with the patient in mind.

Do you talk to your older patients about sexual health? Health practitioners’ knowledge of, and attitudes towards, management of sexual health among older Australians

GPs do not routinely discuss sexual health with older patients, and they believe the responsibility for initiation of such discussions rests with the patients themselves.

Factors influencing young women’s contraceptive choices

Regular contraceptive review should take account of the fact that women’s reasons for use may shift between contraceptive and non-contraceptive purposes.

Are we preparing Victorian general practice registrars to be confident in all aspects of primary care paediatrics?

Predominantly hospital-based prevocational paediatric training offers limited exposure to – and, thus, confidence in – managing behavioural, mental health and developmental issues.

‘Probably better than any medication we can give you’: General practitioners’ views on exercise and nutrition in cancer

This study provides evidence of general practitioners’ desire to be involved in supporting the healthy exercise and nutrition habits of their patients with cancer.

Patient-delivered partner therapy: One option for management of sexual partner(s) of a patient diagnosed with a chlamydia infection

Partner management is key to reducing transmission and a cornerstone of best practice chlamydia management.

Promoting professional behaviour in general practitioner training practices: The views of practice managers

Practice managers are well placed to model and teach professional behaviour, and their skills should be further used in educating general practice registrars.

General practitioners’ perspectives on promoting sexual health to young men

This study investigated GPs attitudes to promoting and managing the sexual health of young men and showed a disparity of whether young men or GPs felt they were responsible in initiating the topic.

New best practice guidance for general practice to reduce chlamydia-associated reproductive complications in women

There is now global recognition of the importance of enhanced chlamydia case management to reduce the risk of repeat infection and minimise harms of pelvic inflammatory disease.

Role of men’s sexual and reproductive health clinics in decreasing health inequalities

Dedicated men’s sexual and reproductive health clinics have the potential to improve health outcomes for men by overcoming barriers to healthcare and engaging men in healthcare services.