Geoffrey Mitchell

MBBS, PhD, FRACGP, FAChPM, Professor of General Practice and Palliative Care, Primary Care Clinical Unit, Faculty of Medicine, The University of Queensland, Qld

Whole-person care in general practice: Factors affecting the provision of whole-person care

Multiple factors related to the immediate, local and broader contexts of care, together with overarching factors, influence its provision.

Health Care Homes and whole-person care: A qualitative study of general practitioners’ views

General practitioners believe that principles underlying Medical Homes may support whole-person care, but aspects of the current Health Care Homes trial could impede this whole-person approach.

Whole-person care in general practice: The doctor–patient relationship

General practitioners viewed the doctor–patient relationship as foundational to whole-person care, facilitating knowledge of the patient, trust and management.

Whole-person care in general practice: The nature of whole-person care

The aim of this qualitative study was to determine how general practitioners understand whole-person care and its facilitators and barriers.