Daniel Mazzoni

MD, Dermatology Registrar, Mater Hospital, South Brisbane, Qld

A guide to curettage and cautery in the management of skin lesions

This procedure is a simple, quick and cost-effective option which, when used appropriately and correctly, has shown excellent clinical efficacy and favourable cosmetic outcomes.

A persistent progressive patch on the face

A man aged 43 years presented with a persistent, progressively enlarging facial lesion that had persisted for more than 20 years.

Dealing with lentigo maligna: A challenging case

A man aged 46 years presented to a multidisciplinary team (plastic surgery, radiation oncology, dermatology) with a year-long history of a lentigo maligna on the right ear lobe.

Assessment and management of a longstanding penile lesion

A man aged 60 years presented with an enlarging penile lesion that had been present for six years.

Role of volumetric modulated arc therapy in skin field cancerisation

VMAT does not have a clearly established role in the management of field cancerisation. Suitably powered, controlled, long-term trials are needed before its routine use can be recommended.

Recognising skin manifestations of rheumatological disease

In addition to their medical implications, these skin manifestations can be a source of patient distress as a result of symptomatology and cosmesis.