Nicholas A Zwar


MBBS, MPH, PhD, FRACGP, Executive Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, Bond University, Qld; Conjoint Professor of General Practice, School of Public Health and Community Medicine, The University of New South Wales, NSW

A step-by-step model for a brief behavioural treatment for insomnia in Australian general practice

Brief behavioural therapy for insomnia distils the most effective behavioural treatment components into several brief in-person/telehealth sessions.

Giving Asthma Support to Patients (GASP) program evaluation

The Giving Asthma Support to Patients (GASP) program, developed in New Zealand, guides practice nurses to provide structured asthma care.

Smoking cessation

A combination of behavioural support along with pharmacotherapy to treat nicotine dependence maximises the chances of successful long-term cessation.

Travel and immunosuppressant medication

An individualised approach is needed to provide pre-travel health advice and immunisation.