Anneliese Willems

BMedSci, MBBS, FRACGP, General Practitioner, Yarra Medical Clinic, Melbourne, Vic; Honorary Dermatology Fellow, Western Health, St Albans, Vic; Honorary Fellow, Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Vic; Honorary Dermatology Fellow, The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Vic

A blistering cutaneous lesion in an infant

An otherwise well girl aged 11 months presented to her general practitioner with an unusual lesion on her posterior neck.

A case of recurrent painful boils

A woman aged 39 years presented with a 12-year history of recurrent painful nodules and boils to the axillae and pubic areas.

A red scaly rash to the groin

A woman aged 20 years presented with a more than three-month history of a scaly, erythematous rash to the groin.

An itchy white vulva

A woman aged 64 years presented with a three-year history of vulvar itch and skin fragility with associated superficial dyspareunia.

Necrotising soft tissue infection: A diagnosis not to be missed

A woman aged 19 years sustained a minor puncture wound to her left inner thigh while travelling in remote outback Australia.

Toxic epidermal necrolysis: A rare and life-threatening condition

This is a case study on toxic epidermal necrolysis.