Jim Muir

MBBS, FACD, Consultant Dermatologist, Mater Hospital, Qld; Associate Professor, University of Queensland, Qld

Annular shin plaque: A case report

A woman aged 30 years presented with a six-month history of an expanding plaque on the right superior shin.

Basal cell carcinoma in dermatofibroma: Dual diagnosis

A man aged 85 years presented to his treating doctor for his annual skin examination, which revealed a lesion on the posterior aspect of his right deltoid.

Trouble afoot: A review of common skin conditions of the feet and nails

A number of common skin disorders have an altered and challenging appearance when arising on the foot.

Dealing with lentigo maligna: A challenging case

A man aged 46 years presented to a multidisciplinary team (plastic surgery, radiation oncology, dermatology) with a year-long history of a lentigo maligna on the right ear lobe.

A new facial rash

A male mechanic, aged 67 years, presents with a new-onset facial rash of six months’ duration.

A large fungating skin lesion in an elderly nursing home resident

A nursing home resident aged 80 years, when presenting for an influenza vaccination, was noted to have a large fungating lesion with rolled edges on the right side of his chest.

A pearly papule with telangiectasia

A man aged 52 years with a history of non-melanoma skin cancer presented with a firm, non-tender, skin-coloured papule.

Red weepy ears

A Caucasian female aged 18 years developed a well-defined erythematous vesicular eruption with clear non-purulent exudates on the ear lobules and adjacent inferior neck area.

Teledermatology for a case of morphoea

A woman aged 40 years presented to her general practitioner with a changing plaque on her left breast, which was subsequently diagnosed as morphoea with the assistance of teledermatology.